I have been invited by the lovely Francesca to teach a workshop at Pure Yoga in Macclesfield.

My own yoga practice is constantly evolving and for the past few months I feel that much is going on within me. I have written on an earlier post about being ill and each time my body falters I question what the deep, dark recesses of me are trying to say.

I have also been reading avidly all manner of books about massage, energy and Shamanism. There’s so much going on within and, of necessity the brain and the gut need to assimilate and utilise this new information in a way that is acceptable to me, Gill!

My workshops tend to be very fluid creatures and even with a lesson plan in hand I will suddenly wander or dart off in a new direction. 

I am a teacher, who after a life time of teaching is very comfortable with the role. That sounds rather big-headed but what I mean is that I truly love teaching. My yoga practice is not about intricate poses and being acrobatic…I’m too old for that and there are super teachers out there doing a great job in that area of yoga.

I am more interested in the very basic stuff of living in our bodies…in the body that we have been blessed with. Currently I am sitting with a very fragile back. As a young person I was very flexible but had no awareness or understanding of the need to be strong in my musculature. I simply flung myself into all manner of positions. I also stood with my butt pushed back and relaxed into that deep curve of my low back and knees pushed way beyond the norm! Oh and I fell off a few rather large horses!!!

I have learnt so much from my yoga, the importance of my foundation and how to gracefully stand within the power and strength of my body. I fully acknowledge the frailty of my lumber spine but feel that I understand what I require to be stable..most of the time.

And so, the above workshop will be an adventure for myself and those who choose to pop along and share the energy of the afternoon.


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