imageThe last few months have simply flown by. I have spent the whole of the summer months not blogging!

What happened? To be honest I’m not really sure. Maybe I simply ran out of words even though there are so many available. Instead I read other people’s words and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of giving myself up to the page before me.

As some of you may have realised this blog is now part of a wonderful website designed by two great men, ‘my web men’. We met at intervals in various Costa Coffee shops and in between the meetings I scribbled and drew flow charts. The results of which are self-evident.

It has been an very interesting experience and I’m not too sure what will come of it. As a ‘woman of a certain age’ deciding on needing a website raises various questions within me. Surely it’s time to be taking my ease, retiring gently into this mature phase of my life where I simply enjoy the space of the day and breathe deeply of the breeze.

So I shall simply bide my time and keep sending words out into cyber space!

It was the day after my sixtieth birthday when this website went live. How wonderful that the beginning of the next phase of my life was marked in a such a way.

In these past weeks I have sat before a few autumnal fires in our garden and wondered about my life and all that has gone before. They have not been maudlin thoughts, just easy dipping and diving into all that has brought me to now. Watching the flames consuming twigs and branches I realised how mesmerising the movement of the flames becomes. Fire is ancient of course and people all around the globe of sat within its glow and received comfort and inspiration.

My fires became a time of symbolically burning up the old and used ‘stuff’. We have done this throughout the years. Autumn moves into Winter and we clear our land and leave it ready for the new growth of Spring. So, I have perhaps cleared out some of the dross, thereby leaving me with some space to move with more ease into this next part of my life.

As always my thanks to you for popping by and may you enjoy the occasional fire and symbolic or real burning of all that may no longer serve you usefully.


2 responses to “WHERE NEXT?

  1. Thanks for your new blog post, Gill, and I am excited to hear the next installment. I very much identify with the “what next?” or “where next?” questions. The past year has been a big change for me personally and with my business. I’ve had some ups and downs but I am genuinely excited about the future. I’ve never really seen Autumn as an analogy for burning up the old and new stuff- but that’s really helpful. It’s a time to start thinking about what is the next thing. A time to take stock and look over the past year. I think I need to book myself some thinking and reflecting days over the next month.

    Don’t stop writing- just write your story! 🙂

  2. Many thanks Ian for your lovely words. I hope you’re finding time to simply sit awhile and reflect. The days pass by and it’s so easy to lose track of time and yourself. Gill

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