I have, for the past year been a Wellbeing Advisor with Weleda. This is a relatively new initiative started by Weleda, UK. It is a great way to be involved with a super range, all of them being made from 100% natural products.

As an Advisor I am self-employed and can sell as much or as little as I choose of all the lovely products made by this very longstanding firm. It fits well with my being a massage therapist and yoga teacher and currently I have a lovely display of some of Weleda’s goodies in my Therapy Room.

‘Our products are totally natural. They are free from all the things you don’t want on your skin including synthetic preservatives, colourants and petro-chemical derivatives. Not only that – but we have never tested on animals.

It is really important you know what you are putting on your skin and unlike food, which is heavily regulated, cosmetics can claim to be natural or organic even when they contain nasties such as parabens. All Weleda products are guaranteed 100% natural by Natrue, an international kitemark to help you identify products that are genuinely natural. When you see the Natrue logo you can be assured the product is truly natural and free from artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives.’

Weleda also works ethically and sustainably across the globe. Ingredients are sourced from many countries such as; iris root coming from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Rosa Moschata from the Chilean Andes and pomegranates from Cappadocia in Turkey.

‘Weleda work with the Union for Ethical Bio Trade (UEBT) which is a global organisation ensuring all its members source ingredients responsibly, supporting fairly traded partnerships, equitable distribution of natural resources and the biodiversity of the region.’

When you use Weleda you are empowering your own body to work holistically. The products support and nurture, thus allowing the body to use its own innate intelligence and energy to bring about healing and health. Weleda is the name of the Celtic goddess of wisdom and healing, which I love!

Today Weleda is the largest manufacturer of natural body and face products and anthroposophical medicines in the world.

Last week I and Louise (who has just joined the Wellbeing Advisors) went to visit Head Office in Ilkeston, Derbyshire for an Insight Day. This gave us a wonderful opportunity to meet other Advisors, our ‘leaders’ in the office, learn more about the products, visit The Field and make soap!

The Field is a wonderful 13acres (if I remember correctly) of land given over to the biodynamic growing of a variety of plants, some of them are used in the making of the lotions and potions available in over fifty countries. I mentioned in an earlier blog post that the chamomile had been harvested and one of the next crops will be the marigolds.

We were taken round by the retired head gardener, Michael, who is a wonderful companion on such a jaunt. He knows so much about the ways of the earth, the growing of plants according to the rhythms of the land, the moon, the sun and the planets. He talks about really getting ‘to know’ your plant and speaking with it, thereby ensuring you get the very best it has to offer. Each part of the plant has different aspects and when making tinctures, creams and salves you use the potency of that particular part to produce the alchemy needed for the final, wonderful product. The root, the leaf and the blossom all have their own magic.

There is no way I can do justice to everything we were told…so much was new to me. I need to reflect and hear again so as to imbibe fully the amazing gift of all that knowledge. Doubtless over the months as I do begin to integrate the information I will share it along the way with anyone willing and interested!

We began our walk at the pond which is a quiet, lush area and then we wandered on to see the  St John’s Wort, Angelica and a blaze of poppies. It was suggested we gently stroke the leaves of the Mallow as we passed by. Mallow has been used since ancient times and it gives out an aura of softness and sensitivity. Weleda use mallow for their White Mallow Derma range for babies…or anyone who needs the gentle, soothing softness of this lovely potion!

At the start of our walk we were urged to not lag behind but quite honestly that proved tricky with so much to gaze at and reflect upon. Everything that happens within these acres is part of a grand and wonderful plan. Love and attention are spread throughout this area and amazingly within it there is a retirement home for the elderly! Imagine being surrounded by such beauty.

Weleda are, this year, opening their garden to the public as part of NGS (National Garden Scheme). Since 1927 the NGS has raised more than £45million for nursing and caring charities.

OPENING INFORMATION; Sunday 12th July (1 – 5pm)
Admission is £3 per adult.
Home-made teas at Michael House Steiner School.
Address; The Field, off Hassock Lane North, Shipley, Hear, Derbyshire, DE75 7JH

The day was inspiring, it reminded me of my Nana who had us foraging for dandelion leaves and drinking nettle tea from an early age. She would be delighted that I have found my way back to ‘my roots’ as this all made so much sense to me and my Spirit.

If this interests any of you wonderful people who stop by to read my words then do feel free to enquire about becoming a Wellbeing Advisor….call 0115 944 8698 or email opportunities@weleda.co.uk

In my own small way I feel that by ‘sowing Weleda seeds’ some gentle help is offered to this amazing planet. Besides which it means I am surrounded by beautiful aromas as I massage my lovely clients and practice my yoga in a room that exudes love and the perfume of roses and lavender!

Enjoy your week and May We All Walk in Beauty through the next days, weeks and years, Aho.

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