We in the UK are used to wandering through the months of June, July and August carting along with us a variety of garments, umbrellas and footwear.  No wonder we talk about the weather so much…we normally never know what it will do hour by hour.  As for booking a week of holiday here on this island, well we simply smile and accept that waterproofs and thermos flasks will be absolutely vital and we may even need to huddle in front of large fires sipping mugs of cocoa with a splash of brandy in!!

We, as a family have always had a week of holiday in the UK, visiting Devon, Oban, Port Patrick, The Lake District, North Yorkshire, Teesdale and Northumbria amongst others.  I have become better over the years at choosing a holiday cottage with double glazing, central heating and good hot showers.  Many years ago holiday accommodation was rather lacking, to say the least, and so now I know how to spot a good one! 

This summer has been different.

I am writing this post whilst sitting in our garden in the warm sun of early September.  Now, it is due to change tomorrow but we have had weeks of warmth and blue skies and it feels important to me that I really remember the joy of waking to sunshine and being able to do my yoga in the garden.

People smile and speak more easily to each other when they are not huddled down inside a jacket with their hoods up.  We stand up and breathe in because we feel the need to stretch and open our bodies to welcome in the warmth…or so it is for me.

My yoga students puffed somewhat feeling too hot and I smiled sweetly and ask them to move swiftly on to the next pose because the body needs heat to work more efficiently.  We have even got sweaty and, heaven forbid that we should need to mop our brows!! Take a deep breath and simply feel the joy of being in heat.  After all in India it gets mighty hot and there is something wonderful about practicing a Sun Salutation as the sun rises and heats up that land.

And so as the nights lengthen and the temperature becomes cooler I must remember this glorious few months of summer and perhaps that will help me move more gracefully into autumn and winter…..

Yoga in our garden…what a joy!

One of many amazing evening skies seen from our kitchen.

Back in late May and a walk over the grassy bridge…

Moments ago…this roses just keeps on sending us more and more blossoms.

This afternoon..and I discovered our honeysuckle had flowered again.

So lovely.

 Beautiful lobelia which has been going strong since late May.

A lot of wonderful salad has been eaten in this house since this picture was taken back in the early spring….

Summer food…


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