The past two days here in South Manchester, UK have been simply beautiful. Warm, blue skies and sunshine throughout the day. What a joy!

Our winter has not really been cold but has been wet and wet and wet!! Grey skies and generally dreich. Now that’s a really good word; wet, dull, gloomy, dismal, dreary…..and originates in Scotland. I do recall my mother using it and she was firmly of the North East, UK.

Happily, there feels to be a change in the air. So, not to get too confident, it does seem that Spring is gently moving in. We have various shoots and flowers popping up and some, like my potted pansies have been around all winter. 

It reminded me of the importance of simply taking time to stand quietly and gaze around whilst breathing deeply in and out. I feel an immediate connection with my heart centre and am then woken up to all the amazing things all about. We have several blackbirds rushing about and hurling bits and bobs in the air to uncover a juicy morsel. Sparrows are squabbling and the tits swoop and dive in and out of the garden, grabbing seed enroute.

This is all watched over by the visiting cat, Chloe who is old and wise. No energy is wasted chasing birds she knows are out of her reach.

I am reminded how much I need to be outside and how difficult I find the winter months. Although, perceived by others as strong and healthy, those close to me know that I struggle in the dark months. My lungs hate the damp and I know for sure that I would be better off taking myself to a dry,  hot place. I know for sure there are many who feel the same way. 

However, disappearing to warmer climes is not possible and so the past days have been a delight and simply ‘seeing’ what is in my life has uplifted and strengthened me and so I pottered into our garden and took some photographs…..

To be fair I have managed to find some beauty even on the darker days but this is so much better and bigger.

As I write this the sun is setting and we have a stunning sunset here in Hazel Grove.

I hope all who read this can take just a couple of moments to see something of beauty nearby….it could even be a mug of coffee and a cookie! The important bit is to notice and pay attention to that feeling of pleasure that soaks its way through each cell and leaves us feeling better, happier and, perhaps even refreshed.

This is a tiny post (for me)….and so enjoy ‘seeing’ and feeling, breathing and smiling. 


The photos below were all taken today in our garden.

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