HELD NOT HEALED. Stop trying to heal yourself, fix yourself, even awaken yourself. Stop trying to Fast-Forward the movie of your life. Let go of “letting go.” Healing is not a destination, Be here. Your pain, your sorrow, your doubts, your longings, your fearful thoughts: they are not mistakes, and they aren’t asking to be … Continued


  THE WORLD OF WELEDA Once again I am back with Weleda. I took a year out, of pretty well everything in order to gather myself and take breath. Then back in December of last year, after some encouragement from the beautiful Megan, I once again joined the ever-growing world of Weleda Wellbeing Advisors.   … Continued


  It comes to me now and again, the question of why I practice/do yoga? As a teenager I swam, long distances, and competed for my county and school. In my spare time, such as it was, I rode horses. I had green hair as a result of all the chlorine I swam through and … Continued


  I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend precious time in Londolozi, South Africa. This is a very special place. A space where all is well with The Earth. When you take the time to gaze back through your life, and at my age there is plenty to gaze at, you find that … Continued


It has been many weeks since I last wrote any words for my blog. The reasons for this are the usual ones, life in all its infinite glory took me off. This makes it sound rather exciting, as if I’ve been on some exotic journey to a remote valley or mountain. The truth of the … Continued