Sun Salutation is known also as Surya Namaskara. The sun symbolises spiritual consciousness and was once worshipped daily. The group of asanas (poses) used in Sun Salutations where an addition to the original asanas. This is a wonderfully effective way of stretching and loosening all the joints and muscles in the body as well as enlivening and toning the internal organs. There are several variations of Sun Salutations… is one you can try at home using my instructions and images to help.

Stand in Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Inhale, sweep the arms up sideways

Exhale, hands down to Prayer position in middle of chest.  Keep the lift throughout the upper body, legs and belly firm, shoulders moving down

Inhale, arms up, palms facing each other, feel spine stretching and lengthen tailbone down

Exhale, fold slowly into forward bend

 Soften the knees if you need to

Arms are either straight, placed on the floor 
or folded above your head

Inhale, step right foot back into Lunge exhaling knee softly to earth

Inhale, hands flat on floor and head up

Sink the pelvis and feel stretch in legs and buttocks

Hold breath, step left foot back into Plank

Hands directly under shoulders

Legs strong and ease belly up to the spine

Exhale knees softly down.  Chest and chin to ground, buttocks up, keeping elbows close to the ribs and shoulders down the back

Inhale, slide upper body forwards between the hands into Cobra

Tuck the tailbone towards feet, strong legs, elbows slightly bent and held in to the sides of the body.  Ribcage and heart centre moving forwards and opening

Exhale, release body to the ground, tucking toes under and flow up into Downward Dog. 

Reach buttocks up, press thighs back

Activate hands and feet

Inhale right foot forward into Lunge

Exhale left knee down

Inhale, ease head up gently, hands flat on floor

Exhale bring right foot forward into forward bend

Knees still bent and soft if needed

Inhale and curl up gently into Mountain Pose, arms sweeping above head

Exhale and draw the hands down into Prayer at centre of chest

Repeat on the left side by taking left leg back into Lunge and this completes one full round

Build this practice slowly up to 6 or 9 rounds at a time. It warms you up and stretches you out!

For more information; Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, published by the Bihar School of Yoga is a great resource for all who would like clear guidance in the practices of hatha yoga.

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