On Monday there was the most amazing storm here in Hazel Grove.

We missed it as we went to the sea for the day where the sun shone, the sky was blue and the breeze was warm…truly lovely.  Our old dog had a great time pottering and futtering about.

Formby Beach.
Miles and miles of space.
Small, old dog watching master.

As we drove down the A6 towards home we noticed piles of leaves lying about and people sweeping heaps of hailstones away from the fronts of their shops!

The storm arrived an hour before we got home and still our garden had hailstones lying everywhere…all my pot plants had suffered, some never to recover and our neighbour had no power and a flooded cellar!

And so, our strawberry plants looked sad, battered and very bruised…I gathered the fruit and decided the best way forward was to make a healthy drink.


A pile of strawberries (a little past their best but still flavoursome)
2tblsp lucuma powder
1/2pt kefir or live yoghurt (refer blog post 24/4/13 for more info about making kefir)


Pop everything into a blender/liquidiser and whizz up for a couple of minutes.
Serve…add more lucuma if you like things sweet.

I was going off to teach yoga so enjoyed my smoothie with a handful of dried berries and cacao nibs.

A delicious drink and full of healthy bacteria for your gut…any fruit will do and instead of lucuma try honey, maple syrup or agave syrup.

The perfect food an hour before teaching
a hot Forrest Yoga class.

This blog post first went out entitled Another Healthy Drink and then I thought how boring Gill and after Tweeting decided that my Tweet had the perfect title…enjoy!

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