St John’s Wort.

A very short piece about St Johns Wort.

Autumn is with us and the days are shorter.  We have less time when daylight surrounds us. Sunshine is not a major player during the autumn and winter in the UK.

Our bodies and minds seem to curl in on ourselves and the memories of those wonderful warm days of summer sadly don’t help us to stretch and breathe.


The bright, sunny plant, St John’s Wort has helped me over the years.  When I take it I imagine a few drops of golden, warm light moving deep inside and infusing me with a little of summer’s warmth and brightness.

Also known as Tipton’s Weed, Rosin Rose, Goatweed, Chase-Devil and Klamath Weed, it is a very popular non-prescription herbal remedy for mild depression and anxiety.

I have always taken it after having first seen a qualified herbal practitioner as there are contra-indications to its use.

St John’s Wort with the lovely Rambling Rector Rose.
What a super summer we have had in the UK!

We have it growing under our oak tree and a slightly different type eased its way into the garden and happily grew under the plum tree this year.  It is a rather untidy, tenacious plant and it sprouts up wherever it fancies…boundaries seem not to exist in the life of Hypericum perforatum. This grand name seduces me into believing it comes from Royalty!  It obviously does not, as can be noted by its other names which seem to end with weed rather frequently.  I do really love it being called Chase-Devil though as it helps to chase away the dark devil of sadness.  Whatever it is called I love its vibrant presence and cheerful wanderings in our garden.  It requires no special care, slugs don’t appear to see it as part of their diet and the roots simply take off under paving stones and all else that gets in the way.  St John’s Wort simply won’t be beaten…the perfect remedy to support you when everything feels like an effort.  It has energy for everyone and itself!

Please do check with a herbal practitioner and visit the following for lots of information if you feel this herb may be of use to you;

NetDoctor and A. Vogel

Herbal remedies have been of great value to myself and my family for a long time but I never simply buy over the counter.  It is so important to get the right combination/strength the works for you.

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