I have taken time out of each day this past week to simply wander about our garden and delight in the tiny things!

Winter is not my time but Spring most certainly is. My energies grow along with my enthusiasm and curiosity.  My whole being responds with joy to longer days, new growth and a softening of the air.

When we moved into this house back in 1987 neither of us realised this would be our home for so many years. I choose the building based solely on a beautiful stain glass window I could see at the top of the stairs when I peered through the letterbox (the occupants where out at the time!).

When we did actually and officially visit the property we discovered it had a large back garden. We had just returned to the UK after seven years in Africa and all the houses we had lived in had a garden, some larger than others. After viewing several houses it came to me that they were all missing a garden where we could sit unseen and simply be. 

All these years later our family and visitors have enjoyed and delighted in this gorgeous space. Last summer our daughter visiting briefly in her lunchbreak, sat on the back step, sighed deeply and commented on what a tranquil place our garden is. 

I recognise that I am very fortunate to have this space and I also know that for some a garden is too much work. Indeed there have been times when I have felt overwhelmed by all that needs to be done but slowly, slowly we move through our lovely space and tend what needs nurturing.

I do hope that all of you are enjoying this month of April and for some who read this it will not be a Spring month but very definitely Autumnal! 

Take a stroll and enjoy the tiny things….namaste everyone.

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