I have been unwell for the past days and am only just feeling the energy within me move in a more positive way. I do not get ill often but when I do my body really does it well! I simply collapsed and took to my bed..for days it seems now as I gaze back.

I am still treading my way carefully through each day. This slow emerging into life has come after a lifetime of hastening ever onwards regardless of how I was truly feeling. Most of the time I got away with it but as my body matures I realise I need more time for everything to balance out. It is definitely not about getting older. It is about being truly aware that my body chemistry needs longer to heal. It is all about patience and compassion… To be honest my younger self probably needed longer to recover than it was ever given but time was short, jobs needed doing etc etc. and so up and at it!

The weather here has been rather shoddy and when I first became unwell sleet and torrential rain were hurling their fury on all the beautiful spring blossom. I yearned for warmer times and climes and so the photos that follow satisfy in a tiny way that desire for warmth. They were all taken on our visit to Villa Vittoriale, Gardonne Riviera. It was the home of the Italian poet, Gabriele d’Annunzio and I have written about it in a previous post. It was a memorable day….

May I wish you all well and many thanks for spending a few moments simply being here. 

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