I have been asked by Dan Krueger of Reebok SPARTAN RACE to write something about the various events taking place around the UK this year, so here goes.

First and foremost, I am not participating! Once upon a time I did run and loved it but my running was on the flat, straight forward and definitely without obstacles. Spartan Races are much more than a meditative jog alongside the river, it seems you are more than likely to be actually striding through the river. Along the way there are ‘obstacles’ which in my mind amount to having to circumnavigate my massage table to reach the oil or stepping gently over a prone dog! In the world of Spartan Racing obstacles are rather more challenging and seem to definitely require a depth of mud to wade through or a rope to clutch and swing through the air on. 

These races have been around in the UK since 2013 and also happen around the world.

So why am I writing about these events? Well, my initial feeling was to not do so and then, as I am wont to do, I sat quietly with the idea lurking in my brain. I live yoga but my life has involved many ways of staying strong and improving my health. As a teenager I swam for my county. I have walked thousands, yes thousands of miles with and without dogs because I choose not to drive and on my return from Africa I joined a gym and worked out three times a week for years. I believe very passionately that to be healthy and free of medication requires lifting yourself off the sofa and into anything, absolutely anything that gets the blood to move and heart to beat more strongly, and by the by, sweat is also a good thing!

The point of me being Open Yoga is to actually be open and flexible and receptive to the world and all it has to offer. As I approach the next phase of my life I often contemplate how vital it is to feel physically strong, empowered and confident in my own body and all it has done and continues to do for and with me. I am not this way by accident. It has required effort, sometimes huge and a lot of determination and what a gift that all is.

Through my teaching I hope to encourage, empower and enable all the super people who choose to come along to class. I encourage a sense of community, a feeling of belonging and a safe space to explore how they truly feel about themselves. So by writing this I am simply extending the web out into the people, to perhaps inspire, convince, encourage some of you to do something truly amazing simply because you can!

If you do find this of interest there are ‘ three core race types each escalating in distance, obstacle count and challenge level, we have something for everyone.’

SPARTAN SPRINT  3 miles+ / 20+ obstacles

SPARTAN SUPER  8 miles+ / 25+ obstacles

SPARTAN BEAST 13 miles+ / 30+ obstacles

SPARTAN KIDS     1/2 mile / 1mile 

Visit the Reebok Spartan Race website in order to register or simply find out more……

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