It is ages since I lasted popped a recipe on my blog. The days are short of light and for some it’s just a tad cold. Therefore, it must be a good time to plot a chocolate-making session.

At all my yoga workshops there is homemade cake and some chocolate delight. My workshop tomorrow will be graced with banana bread made by the gorgeous Antonia and I have decided to stay simple and make plain raw chocolate with no frilly bits!

At the end of a busy week this little confection seems a perfect addition to our afternoon of yoga and extras…

I have combined various recipes and so this is my idea and as yet I’m not quite sure how it will taste as it is still in the fridge.


70gms cacao butter
70gms cacao powder 
2 tblsp raw honey
Pinch sea salt 


1. Melt the cacao butter in a bowl sitting in a pan of water over a low heat. Do not overheat and turn off the heat when most of the butter has melted.
2. Add the honey and salt.
3. Mix in the cacao powder, take your time to really fold it in well whilst still in the pan of hot water otherwise the mixture will begin to set.
4. Pop into a dish or into a silicone chocolate mould, carefully levelling it out to fill all the corners as mine began to set quite rapidly.
5. Place in the fridge or freezer and leave to set.
6. Eat when you fancy! In small amounts!

I sometimes use a mix of cacao butter and coconut butter which seems to make a smoother chocolate but it melts even more rapidly…

The use of the bowl in a pan of water stops it becoming too hot and keeps intact all the nutritional benefits. Chocolate made this way has lots of goodness packed into every morsel and because it is pure raw cacao there is no desire to overeat as it is such an intense taste experience. 

To the basic mix can be added vanilla extract, ground cacao nibs, rose extract ant the the list goes on…

This recipe worked perfectly and gave a smooth, rich texture full of the glories of chocolate. It was definitely well received along with the beautiful cake. A perfect addition to any yoga gathering or any other gathering for that matter. 

It is an easy, delicious concoction and a good introduction to raw food.


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