I live in South Manchester and I am a big fan of Manchester, although I come from the North East of England.

It is great when we here in the North, get special events and visitations that normally only happen in London!

Manchester is to be the venue for the OM Yoga Show on May 10th -11th.

I have been buying OM Yoga Magazine for several years. It’s a great way of finding out about different types of yoga, healthy eating and emotional healing and wellbeing amongst many other things. It’s a good buy for anyone interested in yoga and a good read for anyone looking to enhance their health. 

It has also been very helpful to me recently. Those of you who regularly read my blog may recall me scribing about being ill. Well it is enough to say I recovered and then got ill again….several times. Lots of folk in my part of the world have had this tenacious little virus. Each time you sit back, take a deep breath and smile gently to congratulate yourself on recovering and then it pokes it’s head out again and you take to your bed (or yoga mat) and lie there feeling feeble! 

So, some weeks ago I picked up the latest OM Yoga Magazine. I read it cover to cover as I felt incapable of moving from my cosy nest. I also watched various back-to-back episodes of Salamander on BBC I player but that’s irrelevant really. One of the articles was an interview with Ana Brett who practices Kundalini Yoga and throughout the magazine were several other features on this particular practice.

Years ago I had looked into Kundalini Yoga but decided it wasn’t for me.

So, back to earlier this month when I was feeling feeble, fragile and frustrated! After teaching a yoga workshop about the Chakras and acknowledging that mine were really not working well (we used energy techniques to find out each other’s chakra energies…another post!) it occurred to me that Kundalini may well be really helpful.

My normal yoga practice is very Forrest Yoga-inspired but to be quite honest I simply have not had the energy to do something so intense.

Youtube proved to be a very useful resource. There is so much yoga there, some good, some bad and some rather dodgy! But I discovered Ana Brett and Ravi Singh have lots on there. 

I have, as of today, done 21 days of Kundalini Yoga. I set myself up in my lovely therapy room with the heat on and my iPad balanced on a yoga block and ‘Tune In’ to Ana and Ravi or use one of their DVDs that I have been inspired to buy!

The result of this;
1. I feel more alive.
2. I have more energy throughout the day.
3. I have lost weight.
4. I feel stronger.
5. I have released and am still releasing enermous amounts of pain from my neck, shoulders, heart centre and ribcage.
6. It makes me happy…..

And all this because of picking up OM Yoga Magazine.

The latest edition (April) has lots of information about the forthcoming OM Yoga Show in Central Manchester in May. Ana Brett and Ravi Singh will be flying in from The States as will Bee Bosnak. Also present will be Yogi AshokanandaDavid Sye the creator of Yogabeats and Anne-Marie Newland of Sun Power Yoga.

There are always lots of wonderful, inspiring articles to be found within the covers of this great magazine. Back in November it was the turn of my yoga teacher Ana Forrest who has been a huge inspiration to me. Her Teacher Training programme is tough but I am honoured to have been part of that experience and I carry with me her words of wisdom and compassion. 

Two totally different yogas but each are providing healing in their different ways. I am ever intrigued and delighted to walk my way through the world of yoga and receive.

Finally, and with great delight I am able to offer free tickets to attend The OM Yoga Show in Manchester Central. OM Yoga Magazine are giving me two pairs of two-day passes to attend the whole show. The tickets also include entrance to the Mind Body Soul Experience, which is being held in the neighbouring hall.

To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets visit my twitter page in the coming weeks for more information.

OM Yoga Magazine

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