We were away last weekend enjoying a visit to the North East, the Land of My Birth. On returning home I found a small parcel awaiting me. 

A few weeks ago it came to me that I would love to have a mala. I do have two already which were given to me when visiting India. One string of very simple beads was thrust into my hand by a Holy Man in a street in McLeod Ganj. 

So why the need for more! 

Well, Ros, who trained with me in Forrest Yoga makes simply beautiful malas. She chooses the semi-precious stones after checking with each individual their own ideas and favourite colours and adds to the mix her on intuitive take and then she creates. 

This is what she chose for me…..kamagong wood, rose quartz, amethyst and silver spacers. I love it!

I love the fact that Ros has made it personally and used her creative talents, one of the many (she does amazing handstands and arm balances…).

A mala is a string of beads used by some during meditation. They aid the meditator as they use the beads to count mantras and focus their concentration and awareness. My mala has 108 beads which is the traditional number used in Tibetan Buddism. 

My simple wooden beads…

My mala already feels very precious and helps me to connect to Spirit as I sit gently upon my mat.

Ros can be found;
Instagram; @anjali_energy

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