It has been many weeks since I last wrote any words for my blog. The reasons for this are the usual ones, life in all its infinite glory took me off. This makes it sound rather exciting, as if I’ve been on some exotic journey to a remote valley or mountain. The truth of the matter is really ordinary and mundane. I tend to withdraw into a quiet zone during the British winter. I, like the trees move into a semblance of hibernation. I crave sleep and my body, by nature, goes into a curled shape in my favourite chair. I eat more and then fret because my body has had too much food for such a tiny amount of activity.

There was the added complication of me falling down a flight of stairs on Boxing Day. This truly up-skittled me. My body was deeply shocked and it brought to the fore my very real fear of going down stairs, whether they be escalators or straight forward static steps! My gorgeous daughter rushed to recover me from the heap in which I lay, entangled with the lovely Sophie who I wiped out on my journey downward. Weleda arnica was gently rubbed over my elbows and then I sat with ice packs clutched to me. Amazingly, nothing had been broken, indeed my right hip which has been painful since falling from a large horse at the age of fifteen was freed and unraveled as I bumped my way down. This could be regarded as an extreme form of osteopathy which I would not recommend.

The days and weeks passed by. I taught my yoga classes and massaged my way swiftly into March and then I fell and fractured my elbow! I, who have never been accident-prone have certainly spent rather a while being incapacitated in the past months. A message from The Universe to simply slow down, breathe and be present in each moment? I have heeded the feeling within to simply accept this state of being and let my healing happen. Pain and the need for pain relief for three weeks, as suggested by the doctor,  did not happen and each day I massage and work my arm gently. All is well….

It came to me that I could use this time to see a friend who I’ve not spent time with or even glanced at for thirty years. Sue ‘found’ me a while back on Facebook and as someone who has never really taken to that particular form of communication I dutifully touched the wrong button when she asked ‘to be my friend’ thus deleting her to some dark place in cyber space. An embarrassed message followed and by the magic of the Internet we were and are friends!

We agreed to meet a couple of weeks ago. I popped on a train at the end of my road and 48 minutes later I was greeted by Sue at the rail station near her. So easy, so simple but without Facebook it’s doubtful we would have met. It was the perfect British spring day, bright skies, gentle sunshine and a fabulous reservoir to walk around. Easy walking whilst talking through our lives. We met at college, both training to be primary school teachers. Sue stayed the course and recently retired whilst I only dabbled at being a teacher. Teaching is almost second nature to me but all the paperwork and targets within the system were simply too much for me.

Sue has undoubtedly changed, for the better the lives of many children. She has empowered them and inspired them. I could tell as she talked how deeply committed she was to her teaching. I was reminded again of how enthusiastic, full of energy and curiosity she was when we knew each other all that time ago. It was lovely to be in her company. And how fascinating to know again the ways, the mannerisms of someone who has been absent from your life.

The feel of the day has been with me in a gentle, contented way. I did not realise, of course, how much good would come from our wander together. She was the perfect person to be with on that day and in those moments.

I have become aware, of late, how exhausted I often feel. My work, although it delights me, also depletes me, physically, mentally and emotionally. I give of myself perhaps too freely. My day away restored something deep within. No demands were made, it was simply as it was.


So the days away from massaging have given me restorative space and my yoga teaching has had to be verbalised clearly and succinctly. I rarely have so much time to myself. It is a revelation. I can do whatsoever I want or do nothing. It becomes so easy to simply press ever onwards without a thought.

This feels to be a major period of change. The changes are becoming clearer in my mind’s eye and this morning I shared with my lovely Wednesday Yoga Women some of what is pattering about in my being. So, words have been spoken out loud, which makes them real and very present in The Universe.

It feels good to set words down here and so with that I thank all who pass by and read. May your week go well and be filled with some of the real you!



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