Last Sunday we took ourselves off to The Grand Opening of The Hub. It is a lovely vegetarian cafe in Didsbury, Manchester and part of the health shop, Healthy Spirit run by the lovely Sarah. I spied up on the top shelf some Kamut flour which I have used before. The following recipe is the result of that tiny bit of retail therapy.

I am kind of odd like that and tend to spend money on books and unusual, healthy ingredients. I buy first and then come home and ponder. I don’t really do clothes shopping, after all I spend my days in stretchy tops and leggings…designer jeans are really useless when teaching yoga or massaging.

KAMUT otherwise known as khorasan flour was originally grown in Egypt for the Pharoahs. The extent of its cultivation was from Jerusalem all the way through Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. It is an ancient wheat and it disappeared from use until recently. It is naturally high in protein and minerals, particularly selenium. It is great for making pasta and bread. My flour is from Doves Farm but I do recall seeing it for sale from Shipton Mill.

Wandering through Twitter World I discovered @bakingwithkate who had posted some scrumptious photos of Kamut bread and felt inspired to delve into my cupboard for aforementioned flour.

Now it was the end of a busy Friday full of massage clients and so I was not really feeling energetic enough to do any more manipulating with my hands…no bread making then. However, on the packet there was a recipe for shortbread and what follows is my usual tweaking.


150gms (organic)butter
100gms coconut palm sugar
175gms KAMUT flour
Pinch Himalayan Salt
1tspn cinnamon

1. Cut up the butter into small pieces and pop in a mixing bowl.
2. Add coconut palm sugar, flour, salt and cinnamon.
3. Rub the butter into ingredients and gradually draw everything together.
4. Place the ‘dough’ on a floured surface and gently roll out.
5. Cut into rounds and place on a greased tray.
6. Prick each cookie with a fork all over.
7. Bake in a preheated oven 160/350 for 20-25 minutes.

I really enjoyed making these lovely morsels.  If desired leave out the cinnamon for a more shortbread-type biscuit. You may be wise to check the baking process after 15minutes depending on your oven. 

The resulting cookie/biscuit is crisp and buttery with a soft centre. The thicker you cut them the softer they will be…it’s all about personal taste. The above made 12.

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