We are now well on our way towards February!
I have had a wee break from pretty well everything or so it seems. I actually have been massaging and teaching yoga as normal and somewhere along the way I kind of lost track of time.

The thing is that the week between Christmas and New Year seduces me into thinking I have all the time in the world to do exactly what I want!

That generally means I settle back into my chair, commonly referred to as Gill’s nest and start reading. I read all manner of things that appeal, from thrillers to travelogues, to yoga and beyond. I really am not that discerning, it is simply about devouring the written word.

In amongst that sitting cosily and reading in my chair I did do yoga every day and I did walk upon the earth on a daily basis. I often do say that by nature I am really rather slothful. I would love nothing better than to do hardly anything but I was brought up by a tough northern woman who had no time for such nonsense. So deep down inside there is often a bit of a battle raging. I want to give in and give up and yet my common sense and training stridently protest. 

In order to get to this part of my life and be who I am today that training and common sense are generally the greater influencers. Mixed into all of that is my need to lift up out of my ordinary life and feel some of the extraordinary things that make up this amazing world we live in! 

We had snow in our part of the North. Not a lot but sufficient to look amazing as we gazed up to the hills from our road. Lyme Park was dusted in whiteness and so we decided to take the car and go for a wander. The closer we got though, the darker the clouds became and there they hung low in the sky making everything look somber and very miserable. Ah well, the coffee shop would open soon which is always something to celebrate. 

We went slowly up the drive and the sun began to shine. The light was truly beautiful, weird and ghostly but most definitely growing brighter as we watched. Boots on, gloves sorted and off up the hill we went. People with dogs and children with sledges were all around but as we walked further there were few people, blue skies and bright sunshine. 

The Cage emerged from the fog and right up on top in one of their favourite spots were lots of deer. Far below towards home and Stockport there were dark clouds but up here we were in a bright and crystal clear place. 

Our walk together was lovely and our coffee and cake a perfect end to the outing. As we sat drinking coffee the clouds began to descend and the sky became steely grey. We had had the best of the day! 

It was definitely worth getting up and getting on. Whilst wandering up there in that rather ethereal place I also decided that 2015 may well be the year when I truly realise I can stop and do absolutely nothing. However, the sensibilities of my upbringing will provide a sense of balance and keep me from becoming slothful. Work, play, activity and feeding all simply need to be done in balance. There is little use for always pushing and indeed that became my prohibited word during my Forrest Yoga training. Ana pointed out how often I uttered it! I pushed my butt into the earth, I pushed my hands down, I pushed my shoulders back….such a sense of aggression and such a need to force upon the body something that could be done so differently and with such compassion.

I have spent the past two years doing no pushing. I now take time to feel how my breath is moving and changing my body from the inside. I wait in a pose sometimes for an age just to see how that feels and to celebrate that sense of openess in my spine or hips. Even my fingers and toes feel light and full of energy as I sit peacefully and wonder at how amazing our bodies are and how quietly my thoughts ease in and out. 

Sending love and best wishes to everyone who glances through my words and may I wish you a wonderful 2015.


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