This post was published back in April 2014. I was going to write another blog about tulips but decided to simply revamp the old one and pop it out in the world again.

We are currently immersed in what I think of as The Weird Time. The world we have known is upskittled, which on googling to check it truly existed as a word! states:

this is ‘a word that no mother of toddlers should be without: upside down, muddled up, tossed around’.

The article further explains it to mean, to doubt, to hesitate and waver, to appear in shifting forms. Not to be too harsh all this could easily be applied to the people and systems that govern our planet. This virus that has taken us by storm has left every single person in a place of fear, anger, and turmoil.

And so, I shall return to what delights me in order to feel grounded, safe and more at ease in this current situation…..

Tulips delight me and over the years I have planted various colours, heights and shapes!

Last autumn, believing we were to have another very cold winter I decided to plant a variety of bulbs, some of which I knew and some, I simply liked the look of the picture on the packet! My husband would tell you that is also the way I tend to buy wine.

We have had daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, anemones, narcissi and tulips.

It is the tulips I love and this time I popped in some Parrot Tulips, simply amazing.

Tulips are bold, bright and seem to be full of confidence. They suit me very well. They all got rather battered by a strong wind earlier in the week and yet this morning they were standing proud. The slight morning breeze seemed to ripple through them and they bobbed and swayed. It brought to mind that no matter what occurs their innate flexibility and energy move them upwards towards the skies.

Today whilst on my yoga mat I was reminded of our tulips as I swayed gently in tree pose. I was playing with my balance, something that deserves a full post. As my body weight moved between heel and ball of foot I used my breath and energy to ease into the earth. The strength in my standing leg lifted me up towards the heavens and a lightness came into my heart centre as I unfolded and reached my arms towards the energy of the sun. Joy!

Some of our bulbs were bought from Peter Nyssen Bulbs.


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  1. Hello Gill! This post popped up on my screen just when I needed it (as things have a habit of doing!). I need to be more like your tulips, so I have just printed off the first of your yoga at home routines, and guess what I'll be doing today…that's right…saluting the sun! Thank you, Jane x

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