It is almost a year since we had Jambo teaching in South Manchester. It’s definitely time for some more inspiration and Jambo-energy!

We are holding this Therapeutic Backbend afternoon at Blush Dance Studio, Meadow Mill, Stockport. It is a super space full of great energy thanks to the lovely Becky.

The structure of the afternoon is; 
12 – 2.30 Asana Practice.
2.30 – 3pm Break
3 – 5pm Functional Anatomy, which is always great fun! It’s of use to all, to give a better understanding of what occurs when we do our yoga practice.

This workshop breaks down The Forrest Yoga components of efficient and enjoyable back bending. These basic steps enable practitioners of all levels to work on deepening their back bend practice by learning which areas of the spine can be lengthened and how to breath with much more efficiency.

This workshop is suitable for mixed level practitioners, as well as those with back injuries and pain.

This popular workshop teaches why holding standing poses and dancing your edge is the way to open your hips in a safe and effective way. This workshop will introduce how to take your hip opening practice to a deeper level….

WHAT TO BRING; 1 yoga mat (2 mats would be great! for extra padding and to make a roll) a large beach towel, and a yoga block. 
There will be some mats and blocks at the studio but it’s a huge help if you can provide your own.

COST; £25 each session
           £50 for the whole afternoon
           £45 for Early Bird if booked before Sunday 28th Sept.

Bookings can be made directly via www.blushdance.com or through Gill Slater  07854 685604 @gillslater@hotmail.co.uk

Please feel free to contact Gill with any enquiries.

On a personal note I have found that practicing back bends in the Forrest Yoga way has made a massive difference to the strength and comfort of my own back. I have suffered back pain for many years and an X-ray of my spine 9 years ago by a chiropractor revealed massive wear and tear. He was extremely impressed by my mobility and told me to keep doing whatever it was that kept me so supple! That was before my introduction to Forrest Yoga. Although strong and flexible there was always pain in varying degrees in my lumbar spine and even after regular bodywork the relief from pain was short-lived.

Throughout my Teacher Training with Ana Forrest I diligently wrote my injury tag every morning specifying my low back. The information was stuck on my mat for all to note. Interestingly, at no point in that month did I ever suffer from pain in my back! Two years on and I can honestly say that so long as I practice my yoga using all I know from Ana I stay strong and healthy throughout my spine. Recently I attended one of Ana’s workshops in London and it never occurred to me to pop ‘low back pain’ on my injury tag!

However, if I deviate from the set structure of Forrest Yoga and begin my practice with Sun Salutes, for instance, at the beginning I struggle to deal with the pain. It is simply too much, too soon and without sufficient time spent on heating up my spine doing pranayama, spinal twists, down dog and Forrest abdominals. 

Recently I took part in a yoga class of a different school of yoga and ended up lying quietly in agony….too many forward bends and insufficient time to breathe and feel my way through the postures. It was a painful reminder of why I gave that practice up and why I value my current practice so highly!

If you are reading this post and live in the North West of UK please consider giving this Forrest Yoga workshop a go…it has meant I can still do a full back bend practice as I approach my fifty nineth year!

And Jambo is a great teacher and spends much of his time travelling around the UK and Europe inspiring people with his knowledge, humour and passion for yoga and Eastern Tradition.

Love to all and May We All Walk In Beauty.

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