It’s Friday, so it’s very nearly the end of the week..for some people at least. Others work on through the weekend and I have distant memories of doing just that. At the time it felt ok but some dark winter Saturday mornings were tricky.

I’ve decided to simply pop some beautiful roses on this blog. I tweeted one of these pictures just before going to bed and woke to discover that lovely people from all around Twitter had re tweeted it and sent greetings back. 


These photos were all taken on a gorgeous day when we walked to Lake Ledro. The walk took us alongside Lake Garda and then up into the mountains. The photos are far from perfect and the roses were also not quite at that place of perfection! However, their beauty is evident and proves that perfection is never necessary. It’s simply about walking along the path towards things improving and feeling right for us. It is also about using our time and energy to enable change to occur and then really celebrating and acknowledging all the good bits. Tiny, tiny changes take some noticing but we need to add them together periodically and notice their affects upon our lives.

Wishing you all a happy weekend…perhaps pop out and buy a tiny bunch of flowers! Namaste.  

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