Those of you read my blog on a regular base or know me personally will be aware that I am very keen to eat good, clean food that I have prepared myself. I also have been more and more interested in using body and face products that have no ‘nasties’ in them.

There is a long list of horrors that go into skin products and for particulars you need to seek out a much more informed person. I keep it simple and purchase, in the main, very pure formulas. Now, the choice is really rather vast and can be very costly. In a previous post I wrote about some of the lovely products available at Weleda and I will be posting more soon as I am now involved in selling Weleda.

However, this is about having some creative fun with a wonderful end result…a gorgeous whipped cloud of body cream that you can add your own choice of aromatherapy oils to. The recipe came to me via the lovely Antonia and she discovered it on rawamazing.com.

It is important to consider
that your skin is your largest organ and whatever goes on to it makes it way through your pores and into your body via your blood stream. Any chemicals will need to be processed via your liver as your amazing body will recognise them, rightly so, as toxic. It is also worth considering that many of the gorgeous looking pots, tubes and jars pertaining to be full of natural loveliness are not! This is not the place to name names but check ingredients carefully before buying. Most skincare ‘goodies’ contain mineral oils, parabens and synthetic substances. In other words, a tricky, complex cocktail of rather alien ingredients!

Somewhere a long the way I have read that if you cannot safely eat it then you should not slap on your skin. Now, what follows is a recipe that is simple and does not take too long. I probably wouldn’t eat it but all the ingredients are, indeed edible apart from the essential oil!


4oz/1cup organic,raw shea butter

2oz/half cup coconut oil (solid)

Half cup almond oil

1. Melt the solids in a double boiler or in a glass bowl within a pan of water.



2. Leave to cool down.

3. Stir in the almond oil and any essential oil of your choice; lavender, jasmine, orange etc.


The melted oils with Vanilla added.

4. Place the mixture into the freezer or outside as you need to chill it right down.

5. Wait until the oils partially solidify.

6. Now the really fun part…..whisk the mixture up until it resembles double cream. It becomes mousse-like! Then place it into containers and you are ready to go!

I have now made two batches
and each one has been slightly different. Originally I tried the cup measurements as given in the original recipe but I do not have actual cup measures so decided to weigh my cup and use good old fashioned ounces! I think I got more the first time but they are both beautiful so I feel a little guess work is ok. I also used grapeseed oil instead of almond as that is what I use to massage with and have copious amounts of it about the place.

The first time I used Tree Harvest’s coconut butter with Gardenia (Tahiti de Monoi) and have this time used plain coconut butter and vanilla essential oil. Also, be sure to use raw shea butter as the refined, whitened shea is lacking all the wonderfulness that makes it such a super skin moisturiser. Indeed, it can be used alone without any of the above…just scoop a little out and rub into the skin. It is said to be great for skin problems.

I bought my shea butter from Holistic Valley via Amazon. There are several other brands to choose from…

My coconut butter comes from Tree Harvest who do do not have a website but can be reached on 01297 552144.

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