After many years of my own yoga practice during which I have worked with a variety of wonderful teachers, I decided to develop my own mix of yoga. Yoga, for me is always evolving and changing as I find new ways to be in my body. Open Yoga has come about in a gentle way, whereby I combine all my expertise and knowledge to create a yoga space that suits everyone.


This yoga practice is for everyone, regardless of your age, fitness level, flexibility and strength.


By encouraging a conscious awareness of the breath I strongly feel that the body can begin to open whilst receiving oxygen, blood and nutrition. Muscles stretch and relax. A balanced sequence of postures (asanas) strengthens and unravels the entire body giving a feeling of balance, vitality and deep relaxation.


A regular practice of yoga leads to a deepening of concentration and self-awareness. Savasana (deep relaxation) at the end of every session is a time during which everyone is given the space and quiet to integrate all that has occurred during practice. Energy can flow to all areas of the body where healing and rejuvenation are most needed.

It feels very important to me that yoga is a place of community and a coming-together of many people from many different backgrounds. Each class is an opportunity for everyone to be in a safe space where they can breathe, feel and pay special attention to how they really are in that moment.

There is always time to ask questions and whatever I am learning or immersed in will be offered up to those present… it is not ‘My Class’ it is a ‘Class for Everyone’.

I am not an expert! I am on a life-long journey discovering all manner of amazing things along the way, whether it be yoga, nutrition, meditation, health and beauty or baking delicious cakes…