A very brief post simply because this tastes great and needs to be experienced! 


Golden delicious apple
2 sticks celery
A chunk of fresh ginger
Small avocado 
A chunk of cucumber
Spinach with a large handful of fresh mint mixed in…
Juice of lemon.

1. Wash all your ingredients and drain off.
2. Depending on the size of your juicer chute, pop the apple in whole or cut to size, wrap the ginger up in amongst spinach/mint mix and put in on top of the apple.
3. Pack in the cucumber and then press through the juicer…pushing the celery through at the end.
4. Pour the juice into your blender/liquidiser with the flesh of the avocado and some ice cubes. Whizz until smooth.
5. I always squeeze my lemon juice in by hand but you can add whole to the juicer if it is a unwaxed lemon.
6. Serve and delight in all that wonderful vibrant energy. Roll it round your mouth so as to feed every cell and know that this wee delight will keep you going all afternoon.

We had variations on this theme as part of our 4-a-day juice week with the Juice Master in Turkey. 

It can only do you good and the taste is wonderful……

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