Some time ago I was contacted by Kismet  yoga clothes and asked if I would like to do a blog post for their lovely clothing. 

Life is so interesting if you soften into the flow of it…..in one of my OM Yoga Magazines I had actually noticed one of Kismet’s adverts. It needs to be said that most advertising simply passes me by, and sometimes what I see is so oblique that I have to ask The Gorgeous Husband what they are trying to sell me!

However, the photograph below really appealed to me…

I actually stopped to read the words! I’ve not done that since seeing an advert for Ana Forrest‘s workshop in Newcastle, and that was years ago!

At some later date I actually went on Kismet‘s website because I really rather liked these pants.

Much has been going on lately so I have got no further than simply looking but I am still happy to write a few words. 

Yoga clothes have come along way since my early years in yoga. Eighteen years ago and totally immersed in Iyengar Yoga the only real option as far as Mr Iyengar and his teachers were concerned was a pair of Pune Pants. There is no real need to say much about them, other than they were reminiscent of my bottle-green gym knickers worn in primary school and loathed by all!

It delights me to see stylish, colourful clothing that can be worn both whilst on and off the mat. All the clothing featured is silky and soft. The fabric is light on the skin and is perfect for yoga as it flows and breathes. 

Devoted yoga practitioners and modern women make up Kismet and it is important to them that their clothes are both stylish and comfortable. There is a strong belief in fairness and equality and they provide the yoga world with inspiration, quality and beauty through their designs.

One of the things that has become important to me over the years is that it feels good, physically, emotionally and mentally to wear lovely garments throughout my day no matter what I am doing! It is so easy to slump around in any old thing, and yes there is a comfort to old joggers and a favourite hoody but to feed our soul we need to care deeply for ourselves. That, for me means taking time to consider what we cover our amazing bodies with! It does not have to be high-fashion and it certainly does not require vast sums of money. I love simple shapes, natural fibres and ethically made clothes….so maybe you might like to give Kismet a try, as I intend to! 

Breathe in the future,
Breathe out the past,
And do all things with Love.   (Kismet’s Mantra)

Kismet can be found on Facebook.

I leave you with a smile and much love. I encourage you to be compassionate towards yourself and those who share your space, life and time! Namaste.

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