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It will come in more detail shortly.

November 23rd this year there is to be a Forrest Yoga Workshop with Jambo Truong.

Jambo is one of Ana Forrest’s main teachers and assistants in the UK and Europe.  He also assisted on her Foundation Teacher Training in South Africa earlier this year.

This will be the first workshop of this type held in Manchester and will take place at Harper Studios in Hazel Grove.

Jambo teaches Forrest Yoga and Functional Bodywork. His style is based on his passion for human anatomy and kinaesthetic feedback. The poses will all be broken down to get more familiar with the purpose of sequencing.

This workshop helps shape a practice incorporating some of the fundamental strength-building poses of Forrest Yoga.

Expect lots of fun and plenty of variations to choose from.

Now that I’ve softened you up to the delights of the practice, let me tell you the title of the Workshop, ‘Introduction to Handstands and Arm Balances.’

Jambo and Ana are the only people to have got me upside-down and I love it.  I am 57 years old and how amazing to do a forearm balance for the first time in my fifties.

That will be our first session and then we will move on into learning how to use various techniques which will be useful for long-lasting relief from body tension and recovery for those developing upper body strength.

The latter is great for all bodyworkers and really useful for helping friends and family.

So, if you read this and it appeals to you please do get in touch with me and there will be more details to come very shortly.

Namaste and May We All Walk in Beauty….

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