Once again I am back with Weleda. I took a year out, of pretty well everything in order to gather myself and take breath. Then back in December of last year, after some encouragement from the beautiful Megan, I once again joined the ever-growing world of Weleda Wellbeing Advisors.



Currently, Weleda is involved in the #cleanerbeauty campaign which is ongoing throughout the year. I have popped in a couple of links that explain what the aim of this all is:


Weleda has been bringing about an awareness into #cleanerbeauty since 1921. Over the years more and more products have become available and there is a confusing array of ‘natural’ lotions and potions. Many products profess to be clean but sadly there lurks the unknown ingredient/ingredients about which we, the consumer know very little.


This second link is a further good source of information, along with words from Jayn Sterland, Managing Director of Weleda.



Ten, perhaps twelve years ago a good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided to investigate how to help herself heal, as well as going with the orthodox medical procedures. It’s worth remembering that back then we did not have ready access to the Internet and Google was not our first resource in seeking out knowledge. A hashtag was a complete unknown to both of us.  I suspect we did not have mobile phone between us, having clutched on to the notion we had no need for such tarrydiddle. Social Media, what was that?

Instead she and I read books, trawled through health magazines, she went to the library and ultimately came up with a game plan. This involved ‘clean’ body products and removing all dairy products from her feeding. We were off! But to where we wondered? There was not a lot about to be honest and some of it was rather costly. Interestingly, one of her first buys was Weleda Rose Body Wash and so we ventured out on further expeditions.

An expedition: ‘a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, research…’ and that is how it felt as we never quite knew what the hell we were looking for, or indeed what we would find. Neal’s Yard  featured as did JASON and doubtless other products which I have certainly no recollection of.




My journey into all this ‘clean stuff’ is ongoing and involves not only what I put on my body but what I put into my body. Everything we imbibe, either by mouth or through our largest organ, the skin, impacts us. As my friend discovered all those years ago the chemicals in some cosmetics are considered to be hormone disruptors, which can affect how oestrogen  and other hormones act in the body and can result in them being blocked or mimicked, which sends our hormones into a spin and worse.




I am no expert on all the whys and wherefors involved in the ingredients. There are many wonderful people out and about, informing their corner of the world on a deeper level…







I will gently add, that cleaning up my act actually began way back in 1979. He and I landed in Kenya, moving on to Zimbabwe where ‘products’ were not easily found. Once the few bits and bobs taken out in our luggage were gone that was it. Although, we lived under a hot sun most of the year I truly cannot recall having sun cream but I did do as my mother had always advised me. I slathered moisturiser on to every inch of my being on a daily basis, which I had bulk bought in the UK. It seemed to work.

Junk food, ready-made meals and sweet treats were not available either in the depths of the African countryside and so we ate clean too. Everything was homemade, even down to the peanut butter!

At this stage of my life I can gaze back over many years and realise that as I approach my 63rd birthday I am extremely healthy and strong. I take no medications and if ill, have great success with herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture and bodywork. It’s good to stand quietly in this space and know that what I have put on my body and into my body has, so far worked extremely well. Let me state very honestly that not everything has been the best, the cleanest and I have never obsessed over such matters. I have simply done the best I could given the situation. It’s ongoing and has been a tremendous road to follow. It has been very empowering knowing that I am taken responsibility for me!

Weleda now provides me with the bulk of my lotions and potions and I love them. They smell divine and they work…..




My friend is healthy and I paid heed to her words on the subject of our over-use of dairy products. I use them carefully and seek organic where possible and I am pretty sure that has helped me hugely. I moved gracefully through the menopause and happily reside in this Wise Woman or Hag phase of my life.

Along the way I endeavour to inform those I meet on perhaps healthier options that are also luscious. As part of that, my contribution to the ongoing Weleda Story is to offer facials with the occasional foot or back pummel added in. The products speak for themselves.

And so in the words of one of my yoga teachers, Ana Forrest:

May We All Walk in Beauty….

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