I have never written a post about specific products as I rather think we have loads of great blogs/websites writing very adequately already.

However, I have been using these great creations for several months and have found them to be very effective.

Weleda has been around for 90 years. I remember both my mother and my grandmother using Weleda. Nana in particular had an interest in all things natural…she was way ahead of the game! I’ve already written briefly of her interest in making nettle tea and dandelion soup and the adventure involved, for myself as a child, gathering the various herbs needed to make her latest brew!

All those years ago, back in the 1960s we would walk into Durham City to visit the ‘herbalist’ shop, as it was called then. My guess is that’s where Nana bought her herbs and whatever jar of Weleda she required. I honestly have no idea what she used but I can see in my mind exciting looking jars/pots of lotions and potions! To this day I have a fascination for all things in ‘magic’ phials and flasks!

To find out more visit Weleda but here are a few notes to give some basic information;

“In the years around 1920 three pioneers set about giving new form to the teaching and research activity on anthroposophical medicine which had existed for a number of years”

The medicines developed by chemist, Oskar Schmiedel and Dr. Wegman and Dr. Rudolf Steiner have formed the basis for all the products now made by Weleda.

“the medicine should provide crucial stimuli for the body’s own healing powers”

Healing is based on a holistic approach encouraging and stimulating the whole body to heal.

And now to the actual products….

I use the Massage Balm both on myself and on some of my massage clients. Personally, it has recently helped ease and soothe my back and I also use the Muscular Spray, 1-2 sprays in the mouth up to three times a day which relieves muscular pain. The Balm contains Arnica, dried leaves of Birch, Lavender and Rosemary oil. The Muscular Spray is a combination of Arnica, Ruta and Rhus Tox.

This post has also come about having attended a fascinating workshop on Sunday organised and delivered by herbalist, Richard Linton of Greenway Natural Pharmacy. 

Herbs have been important in the healing of the Slater family for many years and Richard is my most recent herbal practitioner. He has recently supported me whilst healing from a particularly tenacious virus.

The workshop is for another time but it strengthened my belief that everything we use on our bodies should contain few or no harmful chemicals. Let it be said here that your skin is your largest organ. Whatever you put on it goes straight in and if those products contain less than desirable substances they have to be processed by the body. This can be a huge burden on our systems which are already struggling to cope.


Weleda provide ‘clean’ well-priced body products. Their new shampoos are super. I have tried many over the years, cheap, expensive, organic, supposedly’natural’! but this shampoo works like a dream. My hair has received many compliments since I began using my Millet Shampoo. There is also Oat Shampoo which I have not tried but my guess is it will be great too.


This luscious, rich cream is used daily by me. It gets massaged into my hands…as a massage therapist my hands are constantly slathered in oil but washing off the oil results in my skin feeling dry. Skin Food leaves them feeling very nourished and softened. I also pop it on my face after cleansing at night. I have also used as a face mask/treatment for 10 minutes and then removed the excess with a damp, warm cloth.

Experiment and enjoy, knowing that the ingredients are all ‘good’.

It is really vital that we use healthful, natural products. There are many to choose from and the price range is as vast as the choice available so this post is merely a helping hand…..namaste.  

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