The words below are taken from Sandra Sabatini’s book, ‘like a flower, My Years of Yoga with Vanda ¬†Scaravelli’ The photographs are all my own but if you buy Sandra’s book there are wonderful photographs throughout.¬† I have now been practicing/living yoga for 20 years and at the beginning all I wanted was to work … Continued


I have just been reading my latest edition of OM Yoga magazine. This past few weeks have simply flown by and I realised June was well and truly with us. Paula Hines writes regularly for the magazine and this month she talks about her recent training and her pleasure at being a student again…this time … Continued


I have just been reading my latest copy of OMYOGA Magazine and came upon ‘Breathe better and expand your life’ by Roisin Kiernan ( I read with interest. Breathing is supposedly the most natural function….and yet for myself at certain times of my life breathing has not come easily. Roisin’s article brought to mind, yet … Continued


A little while ago I popped this photograph on Twitter and for some days after lovely people all over the world retweeted and favourited (how do you write that outside of Twitter World?) it. I love it and had completely forgotten about taking this picture. Sitting quietly it came to me that we were visiting … Continued