Summer has apparently arrived! However, in my part of the world there is not a whole heap of evidence that this is true! Today is cool, breezy with the odd but very effective downpour. It’s therefore a brilliant day to write my blogpost for OM Yoga magazine which is way behind schedule. Those of you … Continued


The photograph above was taken in a quiet corner of a beautiful garden in Italy. The surroundings were peaceful, gentle and inviting and then there was this chap! He was really rather spectacular and yet there was a sense of him inhabiting a dark space deep within me. He seemed, to me at least, the … Continued


This is just a brief post about the OM YOGA SHOW which is back up here in Manchester.  We in the North West are very proud of our city and it is great to have lots of super yoga folk descending upon us and sharing all their love and joy about yoga, tai chi, Pilates … Continued


          A Navajo Prayer With Beauty beside me I walk. With Beauty behind me I walk. With Beauty before me I walk. With Beauty inside me I walk.       It is finished in Beauty.                         — Ana Forrest’s version … Continued


There has been a lovely double issue of OM Yoga magazine for me to gently read through these past two months. I began my year in a slow and gradual way. I have been in no real hurry to get up to speed and leap into all that ‘New Year, New Me’ thing. I have … Continued


A few weeks ago I received a package containing a box of GREEN SUPERFOOD. It had been sent as a gift from Jane of OM Yoga Magazine which was really rather good. I am a great one for sticking extra things into my fresh green juice. This particular blend of nutritional goodies is made by … Continued


My work-year is now complete. I saw my final massage clients last week and taught my last yoga classes the week before. It is time now for some rest and space.  I have for a long time truly relished the week between Christmas and New Year. These are days when we walk, read and, for … Continued


The lovely OM Yoga Magazine is well and truly out! It is simply full of great articles. I particularly like all that has been written in the ‘Yoga For Every Body‘ part of the magazine. I have always been ‘well-built’! Now that means many things to many people but basically I have always been a … Continued


September is over and already we are flowing into October! Or, perhaps it feels more like a stagger as we move towards the end of yet another year. What I am aware of is that my little bit of a blog inspired by the latest Om Yoga magazine is somewhat late in its creation! Therefore, … Continued


Some time ago I was contacted by Kismet  yoga clothes and asked if I would like to do a blog post for their lovely clothing.  Life is so interesting if you soften into the flow of it…..in one of my OM Yoga Magazines I had actually noticed one of Kismet’s adverts. It needs to be said … Continued