A few words on this beautiful spring morning. These words are taken from A Year of Living Your Yoga by Juudith Hanson Lasater… ‘Responding appropriately is an art. Do you overdo things and underdog others? For today, see if you can apply just enough effort to each task. This requires you to stay present.’ So … Continued


We were away last weekend enjoying a visit to the North East, the Land of My Birth. On returning home I found a small parcel awaiting me.  A few weeks ago it came to me that I would love to have a mala. I do have two already which were given to me when visiting … Continued


The lovely OM Yoga Magazine is well and truly out! It is simply full of great articles. I particularly like all that has been written in the ‘Yoga For Every Body‘ part of the magazine. I have always been ‘well-built’! Now that means many things to many people but basically I have always been a … Continued


1. Begin with hands in Prayer (Namaste). 2.Inhale, reach your arms up. Tuck tailbone down, telescoping your ribs up away from your waist and strongly push down through your heels. 3.Exhale, fold into a Forward Bend or keep your back straight, neck long and feet active. 4.Inhale and step your left foot back into Lunge. … Continued


In our home meditation is known as ‘Just having 20 minutes’!     My husband introduced me to meditating shortly after we met all those years ago in the North East. After attending an introductory talk about Transcendental Meditation (TM) I decided to pay the money and learn…..that was back in 1976!! I am still … Continued