I have never written a post about specific products as I rather think we have loads of great blogs/websites writing very adequately already. However, I have been using these great creations for several months and have found them to be very effective. Weleda has been around for 90 years. I remember both my mother and … Continued

St John’s Wort.

A very short piece about St Johns Wort. Autumn is with us and the days are shorter.  We have less time when daylight surrounds us. Sunshine is not a major player during the autumn and winter in the UK. Our bodies and minds seem to curl in on ourselves and the memories of those wonderful … Continued


I have spent quite a lot of my life moving….from house to house, from country to country… To be very honest I have lived in this house for a long time but my early years were spent packing and unpacking as we moved to a various parts of Durham County.  Our mother became the absolute … Continued


This is just a tiny post…I think.       I never quite know where my thoughts will take me so be patient and let us see how this develops. My herbal friend, Jayn advised my daughter to use a particular herbal tincture…the ingredients of which sound amazing.  Imagine taking a mixture that includes Blessed … Continued