I need to be completely honest and say that autumn is not my favourite season…not by a long way. Every year I resolve to enjoy this season of change, loss and winding down. I am getting better at it but if I am ever ill it is during these months coming up to Christmas. I … Continued


It occurred to me recently that I have never written anything about our father Bill Gillson. I believe this is because he was such a ‘big’ character in the Durham area and it seems like an equally ‘big’ task to write about him. He passed away eight years ago, only weeks before my fiftieth birthday … Continued


This is just a tiny post…I think.       I never quite know where my thoughts will take me so be patient and let us see how this develops. My herbal friend, Jayn advised my daughter to use a particular herbal tincture…the ingredients of which sound amazing.  Imagine taking a mixture that includes Blessed … Continued