It is ages since I lasted popped a recipe on my blog. The days are short of light and for some it’s just a tad cold. Therefore, it must be a good time to plot a chocolate-making session. At all my yoga workshops there is homemade cake and some chocolate delight. My workshop tomorrow will … Continued


This lovely concoction is not something I made up. The recipe comes from a lovely blog; CHOOSING RAW. It is easy to make, but you may have to seek out some of the ingredients from other than your local supermarket! I made this quite late on Saturday evening after a rather busy day travelling….it is … Continued


When I began writing this blog I had no clear idea of its contents.  It began as a result of encouragement from my daughter.  Over these few months I have simply written whatever came to me.  Thoughts and ideas, information and knowledge that I felt may be of interest to others. As you may have gathered … Continued


A few weeks ago I made almond milk by soaking almonds overnight, draining and washing them and popping them in the blender with filtered water and whizzing for 3 minutes. The resulting mixture was then placed in a sieve ( you can buy special nut milk bags to drain and squeeze the liquid out). We … Continued