Sunday March 8th was International Woman’s Day. I wrote these words in the week following but did not get round to popping them up on my blog. I cannot say there was any particular reason. I think I simply took a break from many things Internet-connected! And that felt very good. I was aware of … Continued


Very recently I was speaking to someone who feels that we are all extraordinary beings and I don’t disagree. So, I thought some more about it and it comes to mind that I am very ordinary but I’ve had a life full of the extraordinary and that has had a huge impact on me. Jaipur.Taken … Continued


Years ago when I was training to be a counsellor we were all encouraged regularly to become as creative as possible, in whatever way that would work for each individual. It was suggested we read widely on a variety of subjects, fiction, non fiction, see films, go to concerts and the theatre and visit galleries and … Continued