Ah breakfast…my favourite meal of the day.

I know precisely where I am with breakfast.  Lunch is something of a moveable feast but isn’t too tricky revolving,as it does around salad and hummus, cottage cheese or avocado in the summer and soup in the winter.

Our evening meal is sometimes a bit of a challenge as I am out teaching several evenings so it needs to be something that doesn’t become solid waiting upon my return!  I know I could cook later in the evening but I feel less and less attracted to that activity as the evening moves on….

And so breakfast is a delight to me.  I come down and quietly potter about, letting our aged dog out to gently sniff the air, whilst I consider what I am doing on that particular day, as every day is different.

A freshly made juice is the beginning; an apple, two sticks of celery, a chunk of cucumber and a large handful of spinach.  In the glass I pop a large teaspoon of baobab powder, another teaspoon of super greenfood and a teaspoon of Himalayan sole then in goes the juice, mixed well and consumed within 8 minutes to make the most of all those wonderful nutrients. I kind of eat it, rolling it round my mouth so my whole mouth benefits…weird! I know but so be it..

Then it’s back to pottering, making at the moment green rooisbosch tea.  I also enjoy Honeybush and Vanilla Rooisbosch. 

The dog has given up her normal breakfast of Pedigree Chum preferring a Ryvita cracker. She is old and has dementia but really does know what she likes and Ryvita and Matzos are at the very top of her desirable breakfasts!

My desirable breakfast is a bowl of fresh fruit with extras; soaked almonds, goji berries, cacao nibs, maca powder and a couple of Brazil nuts over which I pour rice milk and a good helping of home made kefir.  And so my day begins.

It has taken me a long time to find the perfect food for my breakfast.  I was once a cereal and toast girl and have even had the odd egg/bacon start to the day but my current choice seems to really feed me and I feel no hunger pangs.  Until recently I have been doing four massages in the mornings  and juice and fruit have kept me well fed and healthy. 

However, everyone has different needs nutrient-wise and so there is no one way that is right for all.  I do know that to have no breakfast is absolutely not the way forward.  Just imagine been told that your meal at 7/8pm in the evening will be the last food you consume for 16 hours!  Nobody would be keen to sign up to that and yet people freely opt to do precisely that.  

I guess it is a lot about giving yourself sufficient time in the morning to get ready and sit down and eat in a mindful way….a way that you and your amazing body can fully appreciate.  Thus making the most of the food you have decided will be best for that particular day.

We hurry through life, we grab food as we rush on by and often fail to notice how it tastes. Food, in order for it to be digested and utilised needs to be consumed in a calm and enjoyable way!

I have done my share of grabbing and stuffing.  I have eaten too much and felt too full and jaded.  I have definitely eaten rubbish…but not often and I always feel grim after the event.

As I get older I would like to think I get wiser but I rather think my body simply won’t tolerate food with no life-force!  I need fresh vegetables, superfoods, properly made meals and fruit. 

Oh yes, I know I sound a bit holier than thou but I do still indulge in;  coffee (organic filter where possible),  very dark chocolate and the odd muffin or cookie.  I also enjoy wine and very occasionally a gin and tonic.

I enjoy food very much and I try to provide us and visitors with delicious meals that are made with lots of love and care.

This was meant to be a simple post about breakfast and then I let ‘my brain soften’ and all sorts of words and thoughts came floating on by…so lovely to simply sit, breathe and ponder!

May you all enjoy your next breakfast and remember it is the meal that ‘breaks your fast’ so perhaps it’s worth really relishing it. 

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