I do believe it is well past the asparagus season here in the UK but perhaps somewhere in the world asparagus are flourishing…..and anyway you can nearly always buy them in Sainsbury’s!  Perhaps I’m being just a tad facetious.

Anyway, sometime ago I made us a luscious flan with the main characters being fresh asparagus spears so time to share and give you something lovely to make this weekend.  

Autumn is close here and this little wonder makes me feel that summer has a little longer to go or am I simply being foolish.


Pastry case was made using a little bit of coconut flour and less butter, making it slightly healthier!

6oz Spelt flour
1oz Coconut flour
2oz organic butter
1tspn Himalayan/sea salt
Smoked paprika

Mix together flours and salt, rub in the butter and then add water pulling mixture together with a knife.
Leave for 15minutes in the fridge.
Roll pastry out and line your flan dish/case.

One bunch of asparagus, blanched in boiling water for about 4mins or use raw!
4 eggs
3oz grated Gruyere cheese
300-400gms Greek-style yoghurt
Salt and Pepper


1. Whisk together eggs, yogurt, salt and pepper and 2oz of the cheese.
2. Place the asparagus in the pastry flan.
3. Pour egg mix over and sprinkle rest of the cheese and sweet smoked paprika over the top.
4. Done.
5. Bake in 180/350 for about 40minutes.
6. Serve hot or cold with a lovely salad.

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