So here we are with something healthy. There is always a place for another Green Juice recipe….

Even in these colder months I still aim to have one fresh juice a day. I have it first thing in the morning and then I know I have fed myself a whole bundle of nutrition.

However, because it is winter I then make sure to eat warming food for most of my meals. I always prefer the warmer months and love all the food that goes with warm weather; salads, fruit, very few carbs and fish. A long time ago I was a vegetarian but decided that my body actually requires first class protein albeit in small amounts. 

This year with the onset of cooler weather I began making ‘perpetual broth’ also known as bone broth which feels so good for my body. I will pop that on another post, but if intrigued simply Google and discover more about this luscious mixture which the lovely Jambo Truong suggested I brew up to help my lungs.

Let’s get back to the juice!


1 apple
2-3 sticks celery
1/4 fennel
Chunk cucumber
Chunk ginger
1/2 lemon
1 tblsp Sea Buckthorn
1heaped teasp powdered wheatgrass
1heaped teasp baobab powder

1. Squeeze the lemon juice into a glass with the wheatgrass, baobab poder and Sea Buckthorn. 
2. Pop apple, carrot, celery, cucumber and ginger through the juicer.
3. Add the fresh juice to the glass and stir well, drink immediately or store in an airtight flask with ice.

I have added in the Sea Buckthorn Elixir which is made by Weleda because it is rich in vitamin C and may help the immune system and assist the body when it is stressed. It feels like a useful addition at this time of the year but I would not use it all year round. 

In the winter our bodies need as much support as possible and yet it is often the time when we crave all the wrong foods. Then Christmas arrives with a vast array of extra treats and tidbits leave us feeling lethargic for the start of the new year. 

I have convinced myself that if I stick to my juice once a day I will feel more inclined to eat nutritious meals as the norm and going on past experience it does seem to work. However, that leaves me free to enjoy an Americano, the odd sweet treat and a glass of wine here and there. There is no point being boring about life. It’s all about valuing my health and seeing it as a long term project! 

So enjoy a juice and feel great about that special chocolate too! 

May we all walk in beauty until the next time…..

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