I discovered acupuncture along time ago and at that time I was struggling with weariness.  I had been ill with a virus and it seemed that I was too tired and rundown to recover.  The virus kept on returning, each time leaving me more and more depleted.

 Everything is made up of energy.
It is unseen but all around.

I picked up a leaflet in a health shop in Manchester and decided it may be useful to contact the therapist, Mr Lingsoong Wong.  I can no longer remember how many treatments I had but I do recall feeling much better after the first treatment.

Since then I have often taken myself off for a course of acupuncture and every time I have experienced healing.  

Acupuncture is a very ancient system that encourages the free flow of energy through the body by way of the meridians, which I think of as highways.  These highways carry energy to the liver, spleen, heart etc.  A disruption in the flow caused by a virus, injury or trauma prevents the free flow of energy (chi) and our health suffers.

As energy flows into and around then health
and growth occur!

Nowadays, I go to Mr Chang for treatments.  It is a long while since I last saw him but last week I felt a need to return.  My treatment yesterday helped me in various ways, but as it turned out, the greatest impact seemed to be on my emotional body rather than my physical. The weekend had not been easy….another post for that, but suffice to say I felt weary, weepy and with no enthusiasm for the days ahead.  Altogether, not a good way to be.

As soon as the needles were put in I felt myself drifting off into a quiet, placid space.  It always seems to me that my body stops its normal flows in order to receive the treatment that Jiang Chang gives.  And there I stayed for about 40 minutes. He had me turn on to my front and placed needles in my neck, shoulders and legs for a short time.  The treatment finishes with him massaging my shoulders quite vigorously.

I left feeling lighter and brighter and today there is the sense that I can begin to move forward again with my life.

If you read this post and live in Stockport/Hazel Grove and surrounding areas then I highly recommend Mr Jiang Chang 0161 419 9963. 

Mr Lingsoong Wong can be found in Cheadle, Cheshire, 0161 491 4667.

I am always surprised at how easily and quickly my body receives the treatment.  If you are fearful of needles all I can say is that the needles are very fine and any pain I experience is not unbearable.  In fact, the sensation is related to the needle touching the energy line or meridian.

Acupuncture is useful for all sorts of conditions.  I have found it helped with menstrual problems, recovery from a virus, pain in my back and depression….none of which had been helped by a visit to my GP.  I guess it’s all about having choices and feeling empowered to take action when our traditional concept of healing is simply not working.  This system is thousands of years old and I believe I am right in remembering that a Chinese doctor had the task of keeping his patients healthy, he had failed if they came to him in a state of sickness!!

Without the correct flow of energy we humans become
sick in a variety of ways. The same occurs in all of nature.

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