A Wonderful Walk on a Warm Day in October!!

Yesterday morning was spent doing various bits and bobs and as I completed each task…all of them indoor based, I was aware of the sun beckoning me outside.

Lunch done and off I went. I went on a very familiar walk through Happy Valley to Bramall Hall. It’s a route I’ve walked many time with our various dogs and always I come home feeling calm and well-walked. It’s not strenuous but good footwear is important, especially after rain.

I walked alone which was new to me but, on the spur of the moment I took my phone and spent a wonderful afternoon pointing my phone at various things and snapping pictures as if my life depended upon it!

Can I point out that a year ago the only thing I pointed was my finger. I have never been that interested in photography. I have lived in, and visited some amazing parts of the world and always been very happy to simply observe in that moment and then move on. However, things changed when I began writing my blog and following Twitter. There are some truly wonderful photographers out there sharing their inspiration with all of us…I love what I see and it inspires me.

I have no real understanding of photography but I am learning to stand a while, breathe and look around and within…just as I do in my yoga practice. The photographs that follow were all taken using my iPhone. Next time I will pop our new and lovely camera in my pocket…it seems to do many things that I have yet to understand. 

I returned having had a full afternoon in the sunshine and that is very special so late in the year. A cup of Rooisbosch tea and a flapjack was all I needed to feel the afternoon was complete…

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