It is now almost two weeks since we returned from our week of juicing.

My friend, Jayn invited me to go with her and experience a retreat week in the mountains of Turkey. Juicy Mountain Retreat is run by Jason Vale of Juice Master fame. 

Now Jayn has been juicing for some while and with her encouragement I have added juicing to my daily eating plan. However, I’m not as adventurous as she and was happy to stick with a juice a day, first thing in the morning, and then normal meals the remainder of the time.

I, therefore, went off on this jaunt with no real expectations. I simply regarded the whole venture as an interesting way to spend a week in May.

Now, I am aware that for many people a week of nothing but juice would really not be high on their to-do list. But I am rather strange and so off we went!

The week before I gave up my daily mug of beautiful coffee and ate lots of salads and very little wheat. I do confess to having a final furious fling with food on the plane! We ate wraps, CRISPS and one of those tiny and costly bottles of wine miraculously found its way on to our little table things! Then that was it….

We arrived in the early hours of Saturday and I was really rather glad to snuggle under my quilt on the very comfortable bed in our tent! Yes, we stayed in a tent and no, I do not camp. I did once long ago when I was a young thing but of late I prefer solid walls and an ensuite situation.

The tent, but be aware that there is other accommodation too!

I slept soundly in spite of the various dogs in the district howling their way through the dark reaches of the night. There was also the call to prayer but that I find quite beautiful. I’m not so sure Jayn felt so happy but camping is her thing as I gently reminded her now and again! 

The first day began slowly and easily with a welcome talk from the lovely Amy who is the manager of all things, juice and otherwise. We were introduced to Milly…a veritable energy infusion who was to be our fitness guru for the week. Then there was Kenny, aha Kenny and all things yogic.

Our Yoga Space…

That first day I joined in with every class and the introductory walk. The juices were delicious and I felt fine. Looking back from this distance I recall feeling pretty grim on Sunday afternoon and realised later that most of us had struggled that particular day. It also rained and carried on raining well into Monday.

So, we discovered that a good tent can only take so much liquid! Plastic bags and towels were attractively draped over our beds to deal with the sprinkler effect and we simply accepted that all clothing would cling attractively to our frames due to their moisture content.

A walk with the lovely Jayn and Eda.

We did have sunshine and it is a truly beautiful place. The views are fabulous, the air is clean and there is a sense of peace and tranquility. 

I decided very early on that the fitness activities were not for me. I was happy to go to every yoga and meditation session and loved being in the presence of Kenny. He shares what he knows and understands with a huge delight. We laughed a lot and I learnt a lot.

Now let it be said that you are strongly encouraged to attend as many activities as you can but you are also given that rare opportunity to simply do what feels absolutely right for you in that moment.

Clambering over limestone rocks with Jayn.

Now to hunger! I have been asked by numerous people how I coped with not eating and the pangs of hunger! I did not feel hungry at any time during the week and on a couple of occasions I actually forgot to go for my 4.30 juice. What I did miss was actually that whole experience of chewing but because the juices are so full of vibrant fresh energy your body is, more than adequately, fed. You are taking in so much nutrition that your cells can only celebrate and sing. You absorb only the best for the whole time you are there and that is a massive improvement for most of us.

I never weigh myself as my weight stays fairly constant but I do know that I lost the bloat I have when drinking coffee and alcohol and indulging in bread and cakes. I know that sugar and too much wheat are really not my friends and I already take care to minimise both. However, for some there was a considerable weight loss….up to 12lbs for some, so if weight is your issue then juicing is a great way to start!

I loved it…every moment of the week.

This is a wonderful place to reboot, take stock and breathe deeply of the mountain air. I quickly realised that I was happy to do yoga and take walks, alone and with the lovely Eda from Istanbul. Over the week we became a splinter group, and actually did a great walk with extras on our final full day!

The walking up and down mountains was really good for me, as for several years my lungs have been very fragile due to a virus. I took myself off and built up my pace and distance and as every walk involved walking back UP to the retreat it quickly became evident that my fitness/lungs were improving.

Jayn did lots of rebounding.

The joy of trikonasana in the warmth.

Last weekend my husband and I spent two days walking in the Peak District. When we booked and planned our trip I really wondered how I would manage. Well my juice week made all things possible and although there were a few tough, scrambles up rocky inclines I did it!

Would I go again? Most certainly and I feel a yearly trip would do wonders for my general health and well being.

My yoga teacher for the week..the joy of yoga!

I loved the whole week and I met some lovely people with whom I am still in contact via Facebook and Twitter….hello to Eda, Di, Lorraine and Claire, amongst others.

The beautiful Eda…

Are Jayn and I still friends after a week in a tent together? Yes we are and I do believe we would do it again together. I am irritatingly happy at 6.30 in the morning but that was because I was simply the keeper of the alarm and having told Jayn it was time to kick-ass towards Classical Rebounding I then pottered off in my PJs to hug a cup of warm water and fresh lemon juice to my heart! Bliss….

Warrior Jayn, looking fab.

We eat too much! Our bodies do not require all that we stuff into them and many of us are eating because we have emotional/mental issues. I realised how much I could do without feeding my face! What an immense learning.

I love this pose….freedom!

My huge thanks to Amy, Milly and Kenny for your support and passion…you all made my May Week of Juice so memorable love to all xxxxx

Anyone who reads this I urge you to give it a go, you can only win! Namaste.


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