This has been a rather strange week for me personally.

We have had the most wonderful week of weather here in the North West of the UK. So much sunshine and warm balmy breezes. This is not always the case on this island and you can be sure that within three days of the temperatures rising above 23Celsius people will be loudly proclaiming it’s ‘too hot’! 

I, on the other hand love the heat and after a full day of massaging in a room where the temperature was standing at 28 Celsius now feel tired but good.

The strangeness of this week arises from all that is occurring in the world and I know that others are feeling the strain too. A plane crashed…all lives lost. A dreadful meeting of differences in the Middle East…many lives lost and then another plane disappearing into the vastness of the Sahara..all lives lost. My heart breaks, my tears flow and how do all those people left bereaved or coping with violence move through their day?

My days are peaceful and calm. Yes, I do work hard, like many others, and yes I feel weary at the end of my week, but I am safe and I do know that it’s unlikely I won’t be here to greet a new morning. I do not lie awake at night worrying about my survival. 

I am sitting in our lovely garden as I write this. I can hear the train to Manchester/Buxton zapping by. I can see planes flying up and out from Manchester Airport. I can hear the ever-present, ever-playing boys with their football. Life is good in my neck of the woods and I wonder sometimes what else I am meant to be doing in this life.

Most of the time I conclude that I do my bit. I massage and ease people into a place of wellbeing. I teach my Open Yoga and Forrest Yoga classes and empower people to feel stronger, more focused and empowered. 

I know that much in the world is weird but I also know that I can only do my tiny bit!

Why did I write this? I wrote it simply because I could! I have the time, the peace, the space and the means to send this out into our world.

We all have talents, even if we don’t quite know them yet. We all have the ability to feel and love. We, therefore, need to simply get on on with what we are good at and do all we can to make a tiny difference in our own personal world!

Love to all and wishing you a splendid weekend….

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