It has been quite some time since I wrote anything for my blog. The whole month of May was taken up with The Bug which both I and my husband managed to go down with. We seemed to spend a lot of time huddled up in blankets and our constant companions were large boxes of tissues. We were not good company!

Step forward a little and we began to feel much better and then on Thursday I managed to dislocate my little toe. Needless to say stepping forward has now become rather challenging. However, it does mean I am rather stuck in my chair and have time to, perhaps pop some words down! 

In February our gorgeous daughter and her lovely husband finally moved into their flat in London and so we took a trip down to see their new abode. Our trip happened in April after they had ripped out the kitchen and bathroom and swept out years off someone else’s debris. The following photos are of that weekend. Thes sun shone but the wind was decidedly cool.

There is something decidedly reassuring to me, at least, in wandering around and working out where I actually am. My first trip to London happened when I was eleven years old. My Nana had passed away and I believe my parents thought it would be good for us to have a totally different holiday. We had always gone away with Nana, usually to Whitby although I remember also a lovely trip to Swanage. My memory of that time is one of delight..I fell in love with this amazing city and during our days there we went to all corners. We visited museums, galleries, The Tower, The Post Office Building, Kew Gardens and Hampton Court and more, lots more. 

This most recent visit took us to Walthamstow. An area I had never ventured into. The William Morris Gallery was our first stop and proved to be wonderful especially has there is a great coffee shop in the glass house to the side of the main building. Walthamstow is also home to the longest street market in Europe. We walked the full length of it, stopping enroute for some of us to munch our way through pie and peas and some Turkish delicacy, highly spicey and very moreish.

After strolling around the older ‘village’ part of Walthamstow, we did eventually hop on the Tube into central London. We waded our way along the South Bank amongst the hordes of people all out to catch some sunlight and like them, took in the sights, delights and sounds of the City.

The day was a delight. An easy time spent simply wandering with no real agenda..other than regular feeding stops! We do spend so much time rushing from pillar to post and along the way get breathless and unnerved by the rapid passing of the days and weeks. This particular day will remain gently in my memory as a truly great way to spend time with Katie and Hamish.

Our day ended in the King’s Cross area. There is a wonderful place, a converted warehouse/goods shed, it’s name is Dishoom and the food is delicious. We ordered a variety of wonderful curries, breads and rice. A celebrity was spotted and I got lost going to the Ladies, which when found were truly amazing and well worth my convoluted journey! 

A back way into the Tube led us down an amazing corridor. What was more amazing, there being no one else coming and going, only a lone worker diligently washing the walls. At each step the lights within the passage changed…

May I wish you all well, and gratitude to all who pass by and take a moment to read and perhaps breathe more easily and deeply….

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