I woke to the most beautiful morning.  Bright sunlight and a beautiful blue sky.

My week has been busy and so our walk this morning was very local and gentle.


Bisi, my walking companion for almost 16 years!

We live 5minutes stroll from the A6 which is one of the busiest roads round Manchester.  We live on the southern edge of this busy, beautiful city and the A6 goes all the way through the centre.  In fact this route goes north up to Carlisle and south to London, although at Luton it kind of loses itself in motorways.

We, therefore know it as London Road, Buxton Road or simply the A6.  To go anywhere by car will generally involve going out onto this road.  It is hectic and only quiet in the deep, depths of the night. It  has taken me an hour to journey into Stockport, a mere 2miles distance.  

And yet just walk down the side of our house and over the railway line for another 5 minutes and the dog and I find ourselves on The Grassy Bridge.  The rail line going beneath is a goods line and doesn’t really have that much traffic and so we feel to be in the depths of the countryside!  

It seems sometimes we feel pressured into travelling distances by any mode of transport to visit that ‘special’ place where we can feel peaceful and relaxed.  I have done that many times in my life, believing that the answer to my current angst or upset can be resolved by being in that certain place far from home.

How interesting then to consider simply being in your own place and really looking at your surroundings with wide open eyes, taking a wonderful breath in and relaxing into this place which is so familiar.

As we set out on our walk this morning I received a text message from my sister to say they were off to the beach.  My immediate thought was how lovely that would be and how I, too wanted to do that and then as we walked on it dawned on me that all around there was beauty and Bisi and I were just fine where we were!


We pottered slowly, we  took our time and I certainly did that yoga thing of being completely in the moment, although I can’t really speak for Bisi.  My feeling is she is always in the moment, hence her longevity…

Wishing you all a wonderful day wherever you are.

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