It is warm. It is sunny. It is the first day of June and my heart sings.

I love the hotter days and that means I eat more wholesome food. I have less urge to fill up on stodge and my body asks for salads and fruits.

This lovely salad came by way of 101 Cookbooks, The creator being Heidi Swanson.

It was quick, simple and tasted lovely. If you have no saffron or feel it is too costly then Heidi suggests using any fresh herb that appeals. I have a packet of ‘saffron’ that I brought back from Turkey last month but I feel it is a variation on the true stuff as the smell is very different. That said it worked really well and tasted just fine.

Super Simple Salad.

Handfuls of green leaves and herbs……spinach, gem lettuce, fennel, lovage, etc
Hard boiled eggs
20 strands saffron 
Himalayan salt
Handful almonds
Olive oil

1. Pound saffron up in pestle and mortar with salt.
2. Add nuts and bash them too!
3. Pop all the greenery into a bowl. I also added diced cucumber and sliced orange peppers.
4. Gently fold in a glug of olive oil…I used my hands.
5. Squeeze 1/3 lemon over leaves and again fold in.
6. Sprinkle nut/saffron/salt mix though the salad.
7. Artistically arrange eggs amongst the leaves.
8. Time to serve and eat… A complete meal. Albeit very light!

The recipe moves away just a tiny bit from the original as the eggs were grated and I forgot that bit! It’s an age thing I guess! 

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