I will shortly be popping a post up about my Juice Retreat but meanwhile, I thought this may be of interest.

Several times during our week we had this really powerful ginger/apple combination.

The secret is to make it, smile hugely and drink in one!

As Jason Vale writes in his ‘5lbs in 5 Days’ this is something it is best to simply experience rather than read about…..

1/2 large apple or in my case 2 small
2-3 cm chunk ginger(it’s sizeable but just do it!)

Cut the apple in half, pop in your juicer with the ginger sandwiched between.
Into a wee glass and drink!

I have known about fresh ginger for years as my lovely friend, Jayn, (who was my companion on the retreat) has always encouraged me to use more….

GINGER a bit of a wonder ingredient;      natural antibiotic
It is also wonderful for travel sickness.

It basically revs up your whole system and add to that, it is loaded with numerous minerals.

The APPLE is rich in potassium, phosphorous and magnesium. The combination of potassium and magnesium is great for the heart.

It is hay fever season here in the UK and Jason found this sorted out his hay fever….I will report back but I have every reason to believe it works.

By the way I actually like the taste, so give it go.

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