It is six weeks since I returned from my week up a mountain consuming nothing but fresh juice every day. I made a deal with myself…

I had invested money, time and energy into this venture so there were to be no more late-in-the-evening snacks and 80% of all my food would be fresh and clean. 

I do believe I have achieved that but now and again there is that insistent voice twittering on in my brain asking for a sweet treat.

This evening, Friday, I decided to concoct something that would delight!

My aim was to make something with dates and cashews, flavoured with chocolate. I had tasted the idea in a commercially made bar that must remain nameless. They taste delicious but cost rather a few pence more than they are worth…after all a large bag of dates is very reasonably priced and you could make enormous amounts of treats to last a good while.

Anyway, moving on. The mixture was made and it tastes lovely but is too sticky to form into any shape, whether it be bar, ball or triangle, so my quest goes on. Meanwhile the concoction is definitely worth a try, just accept you serve it in a bowl with a spoon!

This is pretty well all you need;

200gms dates
100gms cashew nuts
2tblsp cacao powder
1good teaspn vanilla extract paste
Good pinch Himalayan salt

1. If the dates are very dry soak for about an hour. 
2. Soak the nuts.
3. Drain the dates and nuts and put into mixer with cacao powder, vanilla paste and salt and whizz until a delightful sticky mess occurs!

4. Then what can I say…simply serve somehow! We had a dollop in a bowl topped with fresh raspberries and a swirl of thick coconut cream.
5. Success but not quite in the way I expected!

Anyway give it a go because it is a good way to assuage the pangs for a chocolate bar full of unnecessary sugar and fat. YOU DO NOT NEED A LARGE HELPING….small is good.
Love to all.

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