The Mill Garden, Warwick.

A short piece simply because we really enjoyed our day out to Warwick.

It was back at the beginning of August and we were on our way to visit great friends from our days in Kenya.

John was brought up in Birmingham and so has been to Warwick several times and I vaguely remember being there many years ago.

Warwick is the county town of Warwickshire and it lies alongside the River Avon. It is in the heart of England and is best known for its wonderful castle.  However, on this occasion we chose to simply stroll around and ended up visiting a beautiful garden by the river and just below the castle walls.  It is The Mill Garden and is absolutely delightful.

We then wandered up into town for coffee and cake.  The weather was not good…we had the first rain for many days but, nevertheless it was a joy to visit such a lovely English town.

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