In a few short weeks our lovely daughter, Katie will be marrying Hamish. They have known each other since university and the next stage of their journey is soon to begin.

They have planned and organised this day between them. Katie has tried on many wonderful dresses, some of which I had the pleasure of seeing. Her final choice she made alone…it is truly beautiful.

My husband and I had the delight of going along with them both to a place in Leith, Scotland so that Hamish could try on his kilt. What a great afternoon! It felt so wonderful to be part of it. Lunch at Fishers completed the outing. The sun shone as we sat beside The Water of Leith.

Just a few yards away from Fishers is a sculpture of Sandy Irvine Robertson, who just happens to be the uncle of Hamish. It was very special to learn some of Hamish’s history and he delighted in giving us a tour of his part of the world.

Sandy Irvine Robertson

Sandy was a wine merchant, charity promoter and founder of The Scottish Achievements Awards Trust. His friends commissioned this bronze sculpture,upon his death. There he is seated casually on the waterfront at Leith in front of The Malmaison Hotel. It was sculpted by Lucy Poett and his presence there simply invites you to sit down and take a moment to smile. 

As we sat and ate our delicious food we watched other people sit down beside Sandy and have their photographs taken. How splendid to know your uncle’s memory is so evident and gives people something so tangible and joyful to take away to their corner of the world. 

The next few weeks will pass in a blur. We are still receiving a tiny trickle of acceptance cards with various dietary requests and songs that have been chosen for the evening event. Most have chosen one or two songs but there is always the couple/person with soo many songs that their short-list has finally been whittled down to 15! My lovely husband dutifully pops all information on the spreadsheet.

I know there are still things to be done but many of those remaining will only happen in that last frenetic week. So I continue to breathe easily and look forward to seeing these lovely people step into the next chapter of their lives. 

As I write this I feel a gladness in my heart. I am truly happy that we are welcoming this lovely young man into our lives and family. I know that the same is true for Katie and all those who now know and care for her over the Border. They have already had many adventures and experiences both as a couple and as individuals and will doubtless continue to do so.

This week has come fairly quietly to an end and whilst sitting here considering my life and all it’s machinations I feel a warmth deep inside my being. Things are as they are and our part in the huge plan of it, although subtle, does have an influence on others. We have always, right from the beginning, liked Hamish and over the years that has blossomed into love and laughter…

As you read this take a moment to be totally present with all those wonderful people who are part of your lives. They may walk alongside you now or they may have moved on, regardless of that they have been important and leave with you memories and feelings that are so precious.


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